Travel Addicted is the first community for small group travels around the world. We connect travelers with local tour operators from every corner of the world offering 100% unique group travel experiences. We cover awesome trips in each part of the world. Our team is made of Italian people with many years of experience in digital marketing and consulting. We all have in common a strong passion for travels and a natural enthusiasm towards innovation and technology, together with a strong desire of making the world a better place to leave and travel.


For us travelling is life.
We visited dozens of countries and we constantly share the same feeling of excitement while packing,
as if it’s always the first time.


We are innovators and digital natives. We love to break the rules, make the travel experience easier, smarter and more authentic for each traveller. We want you to discover the world with new eyes, yours!


We offer an innovative digital service to promote the development of unusual destinations, out of the beaten paths.
We strongly believe in responsible tourism and making our world a little bit better, one adventure at a time.

Laura Bartolini
Founder & CEO

Some years ago I’ve asked myself how to combine my passion for travelling with my digital expertise and the strong desire of making things differently. The idea of Travel Addicted came after some months of work with Chiara; after travelling together in Asia, Europe and Africa, we decided to transfer our passion to as many people as possible. Today our project is a dream becoming reality and this is only the beginning!

Chiara Lumini

I am a medical doctor, ophthalmologist passionate about naturalistic travels and photography. I have extensively travelled to Asia, America, Africa and Europe and I am always looking for new destinations to discover; I am very curious about all aspects characterizing a country and I love to taste the local food. Thanks to my studies and work I have developed good communicative and organization skills.